What are the reasons for itchy scalp and how to get rid of them?

What are the reasons for itchy scalp and how to get rid of them?

What are the reasons for itchy scalp and how to get rid of them?

Do you have an itch problems? Often we assume it as a dandruff problem, but there are many conditions that can make your scalp dry and itchy, in addition to dandruff, such as any kind of infection or ringworm. The most common symptoms are swelling, redness, skin infections or damaged hair, and these all problems can lead to the itchy scalp. The most common treatments are usually in some form of antimicrobial or keratolytic therapy (by a dermatologist), steroids and special diets. However, there is no doubt, that one of the best treatment for itchy scalp is an organic shampoo scrub to remove loose and scaly skin and dead cells.

There are many ways to get rid of scalp itching problem. Let’s find the best treatments to cure the dry and itchy scalp at home.  

Cleans your brushes and combs:

Maintaining personal hygiene is very important to avoid infections and bacteria attacks. In addition to that avoid the sharing of comb and brushes with anybody. Since tinea capitis, or ringworm, is more common in children, so make sure to take extra care with educating your children on these best practices and simple natural remedies.

Clean and wash your hair:

Along with hair massage with essential oil, shampoo your hair 3 to 4 times in a week to clean your scalp and hair from dust and pollution. 

Use organic shampoo:

Choosing the best shampoo for dry hair and scalp is very necessary. Find the nourishing and moisturizing shampoo for your hair. Try lavender oil shampoo or marula oil shampoo, because these shampoos leaves your scalp skin hydrated and moisturized and makes your hair more shiny and beautiful.

Avoid Putting Chemicals on Your Hair:

Most of the products in market contains the chemicals like SLS, paraben and other sulfates. These chemicals can leads to an itchy scalp, bumps on scalp etc.  For dry hair and scalp, try the shampoo that contain essential oil additives to cure your scalp in the best way, and that results in beautiful and smooth hair.